Modern cloth nappies disposable bamboo liners

Modern cloth nappies disposable bamboo liners

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Don't let poo put you off using reusable nappies!

We read your mind, didn't we? Well, here is your solution!

Our 100% plant based nappy liners are designed to be placed in the nappy next to baby's skin.

The nappy will draw any moisture through the liner but then the liner will stop the solids. Thus, making life easier when it comes to changing baby's dirty nappy.

At nappy change just simply remove the liner and dispose of correctly in the bin. Please do not flush.

We also reccomend that you do not fold liners or use multiple sheets as this will prevent quick absorption by the cloth nappy. 

Our liners are 100% biodegradable, soft and gentle for sensitive skin.

Price is per roll with 100 sheets per roll.